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Acorus Calamus was established more than 15 years ago in Pakruojis - the wonderful nature retreat in Northern Lithuania, near where the River Kruoja flows and also in the vicinity of one of the most beautiful and largest Lithuanian mansions that have survived to the present day. Acorus Calamus is the Latin name for a simple Lithuanian plant - calamus.  A business has grown into a modern plant complying with international production standards. The company's products are sold in all home country’s pharmacies and retail shopping centers. Speaking about international relations, our production can be found in 32 countries from all over the world.

Acorus is the production and market leader in the Baltics in the market for herbs and food supplements. Our company has extensive experience in manufacturing a wide range of products, such as herbal functional teas, food supplements, and tea sets for gifts. We are dedicated to creating the highest quality herbal products by combining long-lived traditions, deep knowledge, perfected production processes, and the necessity of innovations.

Modern solutions for everyday use

Redesigning traditions

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As a modern company, we are remaking and redesigning the traditional tea recipes into more suitable and effective for nowadays people. Our pharmacists and herbalists are constantly experimenting and exploring new effective solutions, undiscovered rich flavors, and various herbal mixes for everyday use. Acorus tea flavors differ from others by their fragrant natural notes and responsibly created recipes – tea blends don’t contain artificial flavorings, therefore our clients enjoy the highest quality tea in more than 200 tastes and functions. We believe that tea should not be filled with lots of unnatural ingredients to reach your taste buds – attentively created special herbal and fruit mixes in a cup of tea can amaze everyone by its strong aroma and luscious taste.

Herbal Medicine

We create more just functional products: we have a strong reputation as unique gifting destination. Our iconic tea sets are the ones where we release our imagination the most. Each set is created with special attention to every detail - from unique new flavors to modern designs. All teas are created individually according to the theme of each set, the designs of our packaging are made with different stylistics, and the hexagonal packaging is one of our uniqueness. We are happy to create these one-of-a-kind sets that delights our clients and their loved ones.



Production with experience

Acorus has a strong team of pharmacists with more than 20 years of experience. Such a big knowledge in the phytotherapy area, long years working in creating exceptional herbal products let our company move forward with the best innovative solutions for our clients. The creation of Acorus functional products combines science, modern technology, and many years of experience. The ingredients in the teas and food supplements are carefully selected by our scientists, the recipes are based on the basic rule of ACORUS: created from the best ingredients in the optimal amount to achieve the best possible effect.


Value of feedback

The development of our products and the expansion of the company cannot do without our client’s feedback. We are constantly reviewing what our clients like the most, hearing their ideas, and improving in the areas, where we receive constructive criticism. We prioritize our clients and their opinion, so we believe that dialogue with consumers is one of the best forms to collect all the valuable insights about Acorus brand. Feedback often starts our ideas about new products or how to update existing ones, gives thoughts on how to improve in order to be more effective, and how to move forward while satisfying clients’ needs.

Responsible approach and sustainability


Care from the beginning

In Acorus, processes are done at the same site – from raw material to finished product. Because of that, we can assure high quality in every step. Our employees in the manufacturing department are responsibly gathering best of the best herbs in specialized farms – they check the quality of the soil which is the most import factor in growing herbs, attentively separate good quality raw material from low-quality ones, periodically visit farmers to keep up with the latest news about cultivating raw materials.

Wet Leaves


We work in accordance with the principles of sustainable business, we create a strong environment and we feel responsible for it. Our company promotes sustainable and responsible organization ideas, spreads positive experiences, the future of people and nature is very important to us. Our waste is biodegradable, we are using discharge techniques that do not harm the environment and humans. We think that waste begins from the beginning of manufacturing processes, so we are eliminating plastic packaging and our produced tea bags contain no metal or glue elements. This kind of improvement in manufacturing also reduces garbage emissions.


Using the ways of sustainable business create the products, that people love.


Acorus vision is to provide unique tea drinking experience to each of our customers.

Cup of Tea
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